#LocalToInternationalInABeat – Bangkok

Priscillia Xavier is back!

After three weeks of non-stop travelling and performing, our favorite songstress is back upon completing her final leg of the tour. Started in late October around Singapore, and later on to Jakarta; Pris has just returned from Bangkok whilst leaving her heart  there.

It was definitely great catching up … Continue reading #LocalToInternationalInABeat – Bangkok

#LocalToInternationalInABeat – Jakarta

Pris in Jakarta was basically Ariel on land. She was alone, anxious but determined. Our petite songstress wanted to prove to the world that she was gonna knock everyone’s sock off with her performance!

We didn’t have any direct contact in Jakarta so all attempted bookings were through personalized e-mails to venue(s) and some Facebook … Continue reading #LocalToInternationalInABeat – Jakarta

#LocalToInternationalInABeat – Singapore

Pris has just landed in Jakarta the next leg of her mini tour; while I sit here reading her recap of her Singapore trip and questioning what harm I did in my past life to not be able to watch her live at all her venues last week. Sigh.

She had 4 … Continue reading #LocalToInternationalInABeat – Singapore