Show Some Love To The Second Line!

With a 15-piece brass band and a star studded list of acts, Q Sound & The 2nd Line was a success as KL’s first ever hip-hop big band.

With acts like MAS1A (Singapore’s reigning queen of hip-hop) and Joe Flizzow (our home-grown hip hop legend) backed by a 15-piece live brass band that played from … Continue reading Show Some Love To The Second Line!

Q Sound Blows Minds with Debut Solo EP

With people at the listening party telling us they were “floored” and “amazed” by Q Sound’s debut EP Duel Citizenship, I’m sure everyone was waiting in anticipation for the official launch party, and if you weren’t there to experience it I can assure you it was nothing short of epic.

Gig Fairy Tale Come True

Once upon a time, a little girl performed her nightly routine of checking WhatsApp, brushing her teeth, drinking a glass of water and finally, making a tiny prayer.

Tonight, she wished for all the hottest acts in KL to join forces and create a night of magic.

Then a fairy appeared… A Gig Fairy…