Gig Fairy Tale Come True

Once upon a time, a little girl performed her nightly routine of checking WhatsApp, brushing her teeth, drinking a glass of water and finally, making a tiny prayer.

Tonight, she wished for all the hottest acts in KL to join forces and create a night of magic.

Then a fairy appeared… A Gig Fairy…

Guilty As Charged: Falling In Love With Q Sound’s Guilty Room


The most exciting thing to happen in February was the release of Q Sound’s second installment and official music video for Guilty Room, it was nothing short of genius and straight to the heart, that I thought that it deserved an entire post on its own.

Coming Up Next: No Black Tie, Singin’ in Sing and Talking Walls

One of the first things Manisha told me when I started my internship was that Priscillia was going to Singapore on the second week of March (that’s next week!) and the first thing that came to my mind was “Ah, so someone’s finally going to be putting the ‘sing’ in ‘Singapore’. ”

I hope … Continue reading Coming Up Next: No Black Tie, Singin’ in Sing and Talking Walls

January Highlights!

We’ve been a little quiet since Queen G last signed off, haven’t we? 2016 has been super exciting here at MTalent Asia HQ and I can’t wait to share all the stories with you!

I’m Kimmy and hopefully this space will be a little livelier soon. Let’s start with a good throwback!

Bicara Titian Budaya Field Trip

Bicara Titian Budaya underlines the spirit of partnership, collaborations and co-operation between the two countries through a 1-day dialogue which explores cross-cultural expressions, and highlight shared cultural and entertainment traditions and icons familiar to both countries.

Manisha told me we’re going to an Art’s exhibition. Mind you I’ve never been to one. All I knew … Continue reading Bicara Titian Budaya Field Trip