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ARMON refers alternative Hip-Hop as a genre and using rap as a medium of delivery in creating a melodious meld of something distinctive, catchy and relatable. Having garnered over 50000 views on YouTube , the music producer cum singer-songwriter is no stranger on the music scene which he has been since 2013. When composing songs , he emphasis in the craftsmanship of the lyrics as he believes in the power of sending meaningful messages through his music which is evident in his previously released singles “The Journey” & “Silverline”

Armon is a brand of music that is authentic and original. Using rap as a medium of delivery and one of the few using Alternative Hip-Hop as a genre; Armon plays on new wave synthesized music and natural instrumental music to give his tracks a flavor like none other. Proficient in instruments such as the tabla, electrical organ, electrical and analog music production enables Armon to diversify his abilities in each track.

Highly passionate in what he does, Armon is determined to create a melodious composition of something distinctive, catchy and current. A lot of emphasis also lies in the craftsmanship of the lyrics as he believes in the power of sending positive messages through his music. On stage, he combines his musicality as well as his ability to sincerely interact with the audience with his high energy to give anyone a complete, exciting, sincere and truly engaging performance. Breaking the norm of how hip-hop music is usually done with a minus one on a break beat, instead he performs with a full band, at times growing to a 17 piece ensemble giving audiences a taste of Alternative Hip Hop.

Besides his musical ventures , Armon is also a professional Master of Ceremony/ Emcee, a trait that he has been practicing since 2005. Proficient in the English and Malay language, Armon brings life to an event with his charisma, spontaneity and style of presentation. His experience in the comedy scene also gives him a natural wit that invigorates the atmosphere. His skills as an entertainer, presenter, ambassador and coordinator also branches from his background in performing arts and theatre production which enables him to draw in crowd from a broad range of markets and event types.

“Armon putting a spin on hip hop, doing away with loops and samples while keeping it organic with a seven- piece band”
– the Star

“I am blessed because music my way of reaching out and touching people’s lives. To try to either make them feel better or find some sort of happiness even in the darkest times”
-Pillars Magazine, Next Gen Column, Article “Join The Journey”

“Striving to concoct melodious compositions of distinctive flavor – which he refers to as ‘lyrical craftsmanship”
-Mirth + More Magazine, Apr 2015, Article “Chords for Cuddling”

“to start being a conduit of change for the Malaysian music industry”

“For the first time ever a Video Games Live concert will feature an opening act. Video Games Live The Concert 2016 will feature Armon, a new band with a new unique sound.”
– Selebriti Online


Silence Is a Mindset (feat. Hard candy) – Single
Silverline – Single
Get On the Floor (feat. Hardcandy) – Single
The Journey (Single)


• Armon is on the release run of his debut album titled “Thank You” , which is best described as his musical diary that features his collaborations with local and international musicians in 1 ½ years of production .

• On Feb 2014, Armon released his debut single “Silverline” in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, which was received very well on online medias , local and international radio stations such as Hitz FM and New York’s Fleet DJ Radio.
Armon also released 2 more singles in 2015; “Silence Is A Mindset” and “Get On The Floor” with pop rock band HardCandy.

• Armon has featured in performances with James Baum, Point Blank, C-Loco, Rhythm Nation, HardCandy, Blister, Balan Kashmir, Russell Curtis, Jay Walia, Hydra, Hannah Tan and opened for notable acts like Nicole Scherzinger, Reshmonu, and Girls Generation. Armon also opened the Video Games Live World Tour 2016 Concert in Malaysia at Stadium Negara , first of its kind in the nation . • Together with Founder and Producer Psytrus(who also produced his album “Thank You”), Armon runs a local record label Pulse Soundworks with the sole purpose of highlighting and producing truly Malaysian music ready for international consumption. (www.pulsesoundworks. com/)

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