Last Man Standing: Comedian Kavin Jay to Appear on Netflix Comedy Special

Known as Malaysia’s Grumpiest Comedian, Kavin Jay’s rants and complaints are set to travel from the local comedy club to riding the digital waves.

Welcoming Kavin Jay to their host of hilarious Original Series and Specials is Netflix! (Yes, you heard that right.)

There won’t be eany Netflix & Chill with Kavin Jay’s comedy special “Everybody Calm Down”; considering his cranky persona, be prepared for a Netflix & No Chill session instead.

Loud, larger-than-life and hugely relateable, Kavin stated he was surprised to get this opportunity after 12 years of performing stand-up routines locally and internationally.

Quoting an article written by FMT, he said “The Netflix people saw what I do, and as they say, the rest is history.”

When asked about how he felt, according to Coconuts KL, Kavin told media outlets: “It feels like a dream, from watching my heroes on Netflix to having my own special, right alongside the greats. Someone pinch me.”

Apart from FMT and Coconuts KL, Kavin Jay was also featured in and Yahoo! News Singapore, with all media outlets expressing excitement to the show, which introduced Kavin as  “being Malaysian Indian, Kavin Jay has lived life with a severe disability and was always destined to be angry and easily irritated. He was voted Malaysia’s grumpiest comedian because he complains about everything so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome!”

Kavin Jay’s “Everybody Calm Down!” will have its Netflix premiere on February 2, so mark your dates, people.


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