Now You’re Gone: Kyoto Protocol Releases New Music Video

Kyoto Protocol has saved the best for last as they drop a heartbreaking music video to accompany “Now You’re Gone” from their latest album “Catch These Men”. 

A slower, more heartfelt song than the rest of the album, “Now You’re Gone” is the immediate emotional aftermath that comes when a chapter of love ending when you thought it was going to last forever.

An emotional rollercoaster to end our year with Kyoto Protocol, Fuad’s deep tone is accompanied by a video following the lifetime of four couples.

Watch the video and let Kyoto Protocol haunt you for the rest of the day.

And if you need something to cheer yourself up, in the post detailing the drop of this music video, they also tease an upcoming album next year – and that’s less than a month away!

You really can’t say Kyoto Protocol doesn’t love you, K-peeps. Show your support by dropping a like and comment on their social media pages or on the YouTube video!

See y’all soon,