We Are The Champions: Kyoto Protocol Wins At Perang Saudara II

It was a dream come true for longtime local music fans as Malaysian veterans Kyoto Protocol found themselves at “war” with rock band Oh Chentaku and new challenger Pesawat.


Held at ATAS by by Bijan Fx on April Fool’s Day, it was certainly no joke as the three talented groups duked it out to win the friendly competition, aptly named “Perang Saudara II” (which is Malay for “War of the Brothers II”).

There is certainly no doubt that Kyoto Protocol, Oh Chentaku and Pesawat were all brilliant performers as they played to a room full of enthusiastic watchers.

All bands brought their “A” game but it was Kyoto Protocol that emerged victorious, though I’m pretty sure one could say that with the great music, great performances and great crowd, everyone was a winner. 😉

Check out some of the photos below! IMG_1977

IMG_2004-min IMG_2012-min

IMG_2028 IMG_2030-min IMG_2036-min

Wish you were there? Well, organisers TapauTV got you covered with a highlight reel! Check it out below.

Can’t get enough of Kyoto Protocol? Well, they recently made this announcement:

Yo #KPeeps we’re friggin playing at @urbanscapes !!! #urbanscapes2017 #urbanscapesmy #rediscoverkl A post shared by Kyoto Protocol (@kyotoband) on

Yes! They’ll be playing at Urbanscapes! Visit the Urbanscapes official website for more info. You don’t wanna miss this one out.

Big shoutout to organisers TapauTV and venue ATAS by Bijan Fx for the great event, as well as Oh Chentaku and Pesawat for the great throwdown.

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