Looking For The Perfect Voice?

Have a perfect video, but just lacking the ideal narration? Need that extra pizzazz? Well, look no further because you may not know this, but MTalent Director Manisha Jagan has more than just a knack for talent management. You may recognise her from her modeling with local brands such as Trihamsa and Dazz, or better yet as the manager of talents such as Carey Ng and Kuizz Shah, or even as a spoken word poet with her heart on her sleeve, but did you know MTalent director Manisha has even more tricks up her sleeve?

What? More tricks?

Yes, more tricks. Apart from beauty and brains, this boss lady can be the voice of your commercial or video too.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-11 at 12.02.42 PM

Here’s our boss lady in her element at Big A Productions Studio for Knowmad Productions!

With a clientele of McDonald’s, Hush Puppies and more, it’s easy to see Knowmad Productions knows their stuff.


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see y’all soon,