Priscillia Xavier Turns Up The Heat!

This past week it’s been hot, hot, hot! And honestly, it’s not just the weather because our girl Priscillia Xavier has been turning up the temperature around here. 😉

LBDG Telawi Pris 1

The soul singer is so hot, La Bodega had her over in the past month twice. If you haven’t been coming through, then you’re gonna be experiencing some serious FOMO.
LBDG Telawi Pris 2

As always, Priscillia, with David Xavier backing her up, enamored the audiences with her sultry voice and approachable vibe, like that one person in high school you had a crush on who made you feel all warm and cuddly inside when they smiled.

Our little chili pepper is always looking to create and express her art as much as possible, and if you’ve been keeping up on her social media, you’ll know that this was her last gig for at least two months!

Fret not, because she’ll be taking that time to be creating new and amazing music for everyone! I’m sure she’ll come back bigger and better, because knowing Priscillia, the only direction she knows is up, up, up!

You definitely, definitely don’t want to miss out on what our fave girl is up to, which means you definitely, definitely have to follow her on all her social media!

See y’all soon!