Pop, Kuizz: When You Love

Last Thursday, MTalent Asia was invited to attend Kuizz Shah’s press conference for his debut single “When You Love”, including a special performance by the artiste himself.

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Kuizz is a mega talented guy, having started his career at the tender age of 18 and now a fairly accomplished songwriter having worked with multiple award-winning artistes.

During the conference, Kuizz performed a total of three original songs in between short Q&A sessions. It was interesting to know that one of the songs, “Flaming June”, caught the eye of OVO Sound – Drake’s record label. It’s a soulful pop number with hints of electronic beats. One of those songs that makes you involuntarily tap your feet whilst really soaking in the immensity of the lyrics.

When asked as to why he chose to work with MVQ Music, Kuizz told us that last year he had a chat with Tony from MVQ, who had the utmost confidence in him and encouraged him to not just be behind-the-scenes, but to become an artiste himself. He decided to follow the advice and MVQ has been extremely supportive and instrumental to his career as a singer-songwriter. He also mentioned that his end goal was to of course get a Grammy and make Malaysia proud.

All of Kuizz’s music was written, recorded and produced by himself with his single “When You Love” being released some time in April. During the conference, all media had the opportunity to have an exclusive look at the music video for “When You Love”, and we’re looking forward to its eventual release!

Towards the end of the show, MVQ gave a shout out to our very own Q Sound, giving him several minutes to talk about his own upcoming EP recorded at Maveriq studios and releasing on April 7TH at Alexis Ampang.

(from left) Kuizz, Meredith and Q Sound

MVQ has also been very supportive of its artistes like Kuizz and Q Sound and we’re very proud to be associated with such a great company. We’re also happy to have been a part of this press conference and we’re looking forward to the release of your single, Kuizz!

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See you all soon!